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sci_fi's Journal

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Greetings fellow cyberspace travelers if your a geek like me you've crash landed in the right place. I decided to create this Sci-fi Lj comunity as soon as I realized there wasn't already a Lj community where people can come to discuss all that is Sci- fi from Star Wars to Homeboys in Outer Space. Or at least a community where it's encouraged to discuss Homeboys in Outer Space or Showtimes classic weekly soft porn series Emmanual in Space for that matter. But Anywho here it is so enjoy or I'll send you to the corn feild.

Community created and managed by nerfherderfan82
1984, 2001: a space odyssey, a brave new world, albert einstein, alf, alien, android, armitage iii, arthur c. clarke, babylon 5, back to the future, batters not included, battle angel, battlestar galatica, blade runner, borg, buck rogers, buckaroo banzai, christmas on mars, cocoon, coneheads, cube, cyberpunk, deadly games, don't panic, dr. who, dune, e.t., earth final conflict, edgar rice burroughs, einstein rosen bridge, emmanuel in space, evangelion, event horizon, ewoks, farscape, flash gordon, flubber, flux capacitor, fritz lang, futurama, gamma ray, gene roddenberry, ghost in the shell, gorge lucas, gunnm, h.g. wells, hal 9000, hitch hiker's guide, homeboys in outer space, hypercube, i robot, invader zim, isaac asimov, island of dr. moreau, jedi, jules verne, klingon, krypton, lain, lex, light saber, lisa, logan's run, lost in space, metroid, metropolis, minority report, mork from ork, morlock, myster science theater 3000, night rider, orson wells, planet of the apes, plato's atlantas, popular science, quantum leap, red dwarf, robert a. heinlein, robo cop, robot, rod sterling, santa vs the martians, short circut, six million dollar man, sliders, small wonders, space invaders, space madness, spacetime, spacetime continuum, spices, star trek, star wars, stargate, steven hawking, temporal vortex, terminator, the 4th dimension, the abyss, the black hole, the fountain, the jetsons, the matrix, the outer limits, the prisoner, the time machine, the twilight zone, the x-files, thx1138, tribbles, tron, twin peeks, v, vulcan, war of the worlds, weird science, world's fair, wormhole, zanti misfits